The timeless low heel mixed media pump with buckle strap, DISCOVER, effortlessly adds style and class upon a 1.5 inch heel. With a variety of mixed media combinations to choose from using the finest napa, pony hair calf, embossed calf and suede, you can add excitement to any understated ensemble.

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These attractive shoes for women feel great and allow you to express your unique sense of style.  Featuring elegant styling and a secure fit, these pumps are a fashionable way to achieve a polished look.  Define your own cutting edge style with tough, luxurious leather.  Get in a soft, napa leather, durable suede, or leopard print for classic style.  With unmatched versatility and comfort, this all-season style will become the go-to choice.  These foam insoles offer soft padding and added support for tired feet.  Built to last, the durable leather lining can withstand a variety of harsh environments.  Benefit from all the qualities of second skin with comfortable, natural leather outsoles.  Stylish leather uppers are a comfortable option that allows feet to breathe while providing a flexible fit. 

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